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School Disaster Management Plan is a dossier of Hazard, vulnerability, Risk and accordingly mitigation measure of identified risk by a qualified disaster manager. Document must be signed by a disaster manager.

A SDMP should contains following elements-

  • Detailed hazard risk profile of the school (both structural and non-structural).
  • Constitution of School Disaster Management Committee.
  • Constitution of various task forces/ teams.
  • Development of Resource inventory inside and outside of building within vicinity of five kilometers.
  • Development of floor wise evacuation maps indicating evacuation route and assembly point.

Yes. For this there is a supreme court order followed by central government and state government orders. Moreover, school are vulnerable place as there are lots of untrained students are at same place.

Four evacuation drills are mandatory in a year under supervision of a certified trainers.

SDMP is a process and its designed in such a way that school students evacuate the school building within 4 min in case of a disaster. SDMP also protect school in court in case of casualty during response.

School should submit one copy of SDMP duly signed by a Disaster Manager at respective District Disaster Management Authority and keep acknowledgement safe.