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Study on Role of Social Work in Community based Disaster Risk Management.


Disasters often wipe out critical infrastructure, government capacity and hard- won development gains, requiring post-disaster transition phases to include sustained support for the immediate restoration of livelihoods and basic social services, as well as preparedness measures that reduce future disaster vulnerability of the community. It should be community driven rather than externally imposed and must emphasis on social, economic and psycho-social recovery of the affected people with their active participation in planning, need assessment, need prioritization and skill building to minimize the risk. Thus, we are conducting a small study to analysis the relationship between:

Who is planning?

Who is implementing?

and who is affected?

How above three are connected in view of CBDRM.

The study will focus on Delhi NCR region and would try to assess the linkage between impact of Community organization in Disaster Risk Reduction.


Please take part in this study and reply these 5 questions below

Questionnaire for Disaster Management Experts/ Practitioners