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Zone4solutions is a Consulting Organization, towards Disaster Free India. India, due to its geo-climatic conditions as well as its socio-economic vulnerability, has been among the most disaster prone countries in the world. About 58.6% of its landmass is prone to earthquakes; over 40 million hectares (12% of land) is prone to floods; 68% of the cultivable area is susceptible to drought and out of the 7,516 km. coast line about 5,700 km. is prone to cyclones. Fire incidents, industrial accidents and other manmade disasters involving chemical, biological and radioactive materials are additional hazards, which have underscored the need for strengthening mitigation, preparedness and response measures.

National Capital of Delhi is prone to both Natural and Human made disasters. Delhi is falling under Zone-IV, it is highly Vulnerable to earthquake. Delhi comprises of both rural and urban areas. In addition to earthquake, Delhi is also prone to Fire, Flood, Terrorist Attack, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical hazards, Bomb blasts etc. Zone4solutions aim for a complete solution to Disasters, and will work for the larger interest of general public.

Do you need to check your home for earthquake hazards?

If you have a home or going to buy or construct renovation, repair home; hire a certified risk assessment or inspection consultant for very nominal fee.

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