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Three days Faculty Development Programme cum training programme
Organiser: Zone4Solutions and National Institute of Disaster Management
Date: 5th -7th August, 2020

Why School Safety?

In recent past, schools in India have witnessed many disasters. To name a few, in 2001, the Gujarat (Bhuj) Earthquake in India caused severe damage to 11,600 schools; a total of 31 teachers died and 95 were injured; 971 students perished and 1,051 were injured. Formal education was disrupted due to widespread damage to physical infrastructure. A fire at the Lord Krishna School in Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu took the lives of 94 children in 2004; thousands of students and teachers were killed, injured or otherwise affected in the 2004 South Asia Tsunami. Over 400 people —about half of them students—at a school’s prize giving ceremony in Dabwali, Haryana burnt alive in 1995. Many past disasters showed the vulnerability of school children in day-time increases mostly due to unprepared schools. In day time it has been noticed that the percentage of children dying are far higher due to unsafe environment and unprepared schools. One new area of crisis and risk for children is emerging in currently ongoing pandemic of COVID 19 that is pusing children is stress and even depression and needed to have immense mental support from family and environment. Various Global and Regional declarations highlighted School Safety programme as one of the most important components of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).

Therefore, keeping in view the vulnerability of area and exposure of untrained school children, it becomes imperative to implement School Safety Programme in line with the Government of India guidelines to save invaluable children lives. Education, public awareness and proper training for enhancing the capacity is the cornerstone of approaches aimed at reducing vulnerabilities to natural hazards.

Zone4soluntions with administrative and technical support from National Institute of Disaster Management is jointly organizing three days online faculty development cum training workshop pertaining to school safety for ensuring safer learning environment for the children. In this workshop representative from Department of Education from Central, State and District level will be participating. In addition to them education officers, principles, teachers across all the States/ UTs, NGOs/ CBOs working in the field of school safety will be participating.

The objectives of the training pack are as follow:

  • a. To enhance conceptual understanding on various aspects of Disaster Risk Reduction and School Safety from an inclusive perspective.
  • b. To develop competencies o the participants to undertake Disaster Risk Reduction measures in schools and in day today hazards.
  • c. To enable the participants to develop the School Safety Plan.
Draft session plan

3 days Faculty Development Programme (FDP) cum training workshop jointly organized by Zone4solution and National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM)New Delhi.

Date 5th – 7th August 2020
On Basic Disaster Management Pertaining to School Safety
DAY Speaker Topic
5Th Aug’20
Inaugural Session Executive Director, NIDM, Major General Manoj Kumar Binda
IG NDRF Shri Amrendra Kumar Sengar (IPS)
Dr. Neha Berlia, Board Member, Apeejay Stya & Svran Group
10:20-11:00 Shri Vikram Gujjar, DC NDRF Covid 2019- Present status, Dos and Donts
New normal for Schools, Teachers, Parents, Children Etc
11:00-11:40 Shri Surendra Thakur, NIDM Basics of DM and institutional Mechanism
11:40-12:20 Shri Nakul Kr Tarun, Zone4solutions Need for planning and a School Disaster Management Plan, its constituents and role of Zone4solutions in this regard
6th Aug’20
Shri Ashish Kr Panda Children, and their vulnerability in Schools, Psycho Social care
10:40-11:20 Dr. Amir Ali Khan, Asstt Prof NIDM Earthquake – School safety plan for risk Mitigation
11:20-12:00 Dr. Shekhar Chaturvedi, Asstt Prof NIDM Stampede and school safety – Crowd management
7th Aug’20
Shri Dinesh Vashishth Fire Hazard and schools – Safety measures
10:40-11:20 Dr Krishna Arora, MBBS, MD , Zone4solutions Hygiene, Health and School safety -Basic Health Safety and First aid Techniques - Emergency action plan and CPR techniques
11:20-12:00 Prof Anil Kumar Gupta, NIDM School safety - paradigm shift – A new Scientific approach.
12:00-12:20 Valediction ED NIDM and Shri Atul Garg, Director Fire services Delhi,