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Why Disaster Management Plan?


Human race is on the verge of extinct? Is that so? Is it a big statement or we really are leading ourselves towards that direction?

Scarce natural resources, cut-throat competition, increasing population, changing climates, man-man conflict, man-animal conflict and ever depleting human values! Each and every reason mentioned here brings chaos and imbalances the complex and harmonious thread of socio-economic stability. And disaster is the name of this imbalance.

Let us not go by the definition of disaster in particular. For a layman understanding any natural or human induced event which has the capacity to disturb the delicate soci0-economic fabric of human lives to the extent that it crosses the threshold of coping capacity of our socio-economic system may be termed as Disaster.


By above equation, it can easily be inferred that the Disaster Risk can be reduced by a proper analysis of our exposure to any existing hazard to our lives and settlement and make ourselves disaster resilient by increasing our capacity to deal with such risks.

Now how we do that? Do we simply await a disaster and as it comes, we just give a response to it with the available means to reduce its impact? Or we think of improving our resilience by introducing means of prevention, mitigation and preparedness mechanisms as well as having concrete recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation plans? Of course, the later holistic approach seems to be the right answer to our query.

So, it is proper PLANNING or having a DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN ready with us, which answers all our queries and readies us with actionable answers to all sorts of problems that a disaster offers once it strikes us.

What a disaster Management plan should consist of? Who should make it? Do we just get it made and simply apply it or when we make it, we get it assessed by a third party assessor?

It is highly recommended that DM Plans should be prepared by EXPERTs who understand the nuances of hazard, vulnerability and risk analysis. These experts should also know various means of capacity development so that the whole cycle of disaster management is duly covered in such DM Plans. DM Plans can not be made inside AC rooms; rather, it is prepared after hard toil, sweat and lots of deliberations on the ground.

With ever increasing extreme events across the globe and frequencies of disasters increasing every year, it is high-time that all the organizations should have their DM plans ready. Such plans should not only be prepared but also be reviewed on yearly basis so that lessons learnt from earlier disasters and technology updating may further fine-tune such DM Plans to be more concrete and reliable.

Zone4solution is equipped with Disaster Management Experts who have wide exposure and ground level experience of handling all kinds of disasters. We are willing to help any organization in or outside INDIA, who need any kind of guidance and supervision in preparing their DM Plans. The services offered by us will be of top class, user friendly and economic too. Please come forward with a positive mindset for a better and secure tomorrow, where we dream to have a disaster resilient INDIA for all of us.

Written by Ashish Panda