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About Zone4solutions

Zone4solutions is a Consulting Organization, towards Disaster Free India. India, due to its geo-climatic conditions as well as its socio-economic vulnerability, has been among the most disaster prone countries in the world. About 58.6% of its landmass is prone to earthquakes; over 40 million hectares (12% of land) is prone to floods; 68% of the cultivable area is susceptible to drought and out of the 7,516 km. coast line about 5,700 km. is prone to cyclones. Fire incidents, industrial accidents and other manmade disasters involving chemical, biological and radioactive materials are additional hazards, which have underscored the need for strengthening mitigation, preparedness and response measures.

  • Structural & Non Structural Safety Measures
  • Preparing of School DM Plans
  • Organizing of Mock Exercises/drill
  • Retrofitting of old houses.
  • Preparation of hazard
  • Structural & Non Structural Safety Measures
  • Community Based DM Plans
  • Organizing of Mock Exercises/drill
  • Preparation of hazard maps
  • Awareness Camps
  • Retrofitting
  • Structural & Non Structural Mitigations
  • Arranging resource persons for training/ workshop/seminar etc